From Jagged Fashion to Angular Architecture

 - Nov 7, 2009   Updated: May 26 2011
For those who are looking to come full circle, and don't ever want to be a square, zigzagging zeitgeists are more than a fad. They're a symbol of these off-kilter and unexplored times.

Zigzagging zeitgeists are everything from multi-striped fashion statements to abnormal abodes. They show that crooked, slanted and sideways are often more in line with nature than orderly, normal and neat.

Implications - Moving along the straight and narrow is not how corporations are sustained in contemporary society. This mentality is now emerging in the physical nature of products as well, and suggests that design should emulate this modern mentality of slightly twisted concepts. Companies looking to innovate their commodities should incorporate a more distorted perception to catch consumer's attention.