From Masculine Brogurt Treats to Caviar Yogurt Parfaits

 - Mar 25, 2014
Yogurt, the simple food that's constantly evolving, has come a long way since being considered the healthier version of ice cream. With the rise of Greek Yogurt and shops dedicated to serving only frozen yogurt, some crave yogurt more than ice cream.

Yogurt is now more personalized for individual needs. 'Brogurt' targets manly men who want to feel powerful, while Toy Brick Yogurt encourages children to play with their stack-able yogurt pots. DIY yogurt is so popular because yogurt is one of the easiest foods to work with and tastes great with anything. Sushi-inspired yogurt creations, yogurt-fruit sandwiches and frozen dessert pops with a chopstick will all get your mouth watering without the hassle of a complicated preparation process.

Yogurt packaging has also been reinvented, taking inspiration from fruit, animals, mountains and Chinese take-out. Yogurt may seem like just a simple white pudding-like substance, yet it will never stop changing its form to please consumers.