From Patterned Maki Wrappers to Chilly Cooling Plates

 - Jul 2, 2012
While this Japanese delicacy is traditionally created using a woven bamboo mat and years of practice, there are many wild ways to make and serve sushi today. The global popularity of this dish has resulted in a number of innovations designed to make the process that much easier.

The most popular forms of sushi are the maki-roll style and the hand-pressed nigiri. Sushi requires a delicate touch and it can take years to master the art of crafting the perfect bite-sized morsel. Everything from maki-rolling contraptions to fully automated sushi bots have been designed to replicate this age-old technique. There are not only a number of ways to create this delicious meal, but also fascinating and functional ways to serve it as well. Platters with built-in coolers keep the delicate fish and your drinks at the optimal serving temperature.

Sushi has been transformed into everything from wedding cakes to miniature masterpieces. Take a walk on the wild side with these fascinating ways to make and serve sushi.