The Spam Musubi Push-Pops are Delectable

 - Jun 19, 2012
References: justjennrecipes
Move on over cake pops, there is a new culinary masterpiece in the making -- the Spam Musubi push-pops. This hybrid treat transforms a Hawaiian classic into a portable travel bite, perfect for kids and families on-the-go.

The stacked snack is easy to construct and requires only a few simple ingredients. That questionable canned meat called Spam is considered a staple in Hawaiian households. After you have pan-fried your meaty morsels and drizzled them in soy sauce, the assembly line process begins. Using a round cookie cutter, shape your Spam into circular cut-outs. The treat is now ready to be assembled by alternating between layers of rice and meat. If you want to add an extra kick of flavor, sprinkle on some traditional Japanese rice seasoning called "Furikake" in between the layers.

The Spam Musubi push-pops demonstrates sweet treats can inspired can tasty savory bites.