The Suzumo Inari Sushi Robot is Seriously Efficient

 - Jun 20, 2012
References: gizmodiva
With the emergence of all-you-can-eat restaurants, the Suzumo Inari Sushi Robot may just be the answer to providing a constant supply of fresh bites. The automated droid is able to produce 2,500 pieces an hour -- talk about efficient.

Inari is a traditional Japanese sushi that consists of a fried tofu pouch filled with sushi rice. When made by hand, the process requires a delicate touch to avoid ripping through the thin tofu skin. The Suzumo Inari Sushi Robot only requires a human counterpart to place the pouches onto the rotating table and add rice to the back compartment. The machine blows a quick puff of air into the pouch, allowing the rice to be inserted promptly after. The machine can be programed to create various shapes at differing speeds, depending on what is required for the day.