From Crowdsourcing H20 Texts to Cause-Conscious Clothing

 - Feb 25, 2013
From crowdsourcing H20 texts and cause-conscious clothing to closed loop plant systems and localized renewable energy, these water management innovations range from quite conservative ideas like reusable water bottles to more holistic sanitation methods. We see pure innovation with NextDrop, founded by University of California, Berkeley graduate Anu Sridharan, which gives real-time notices on water availability in India using SMS.

Water management innovations is a general umbrella category to consider how planning can distribute water in a socially just way. In this regard, it melds environmental and social concerns and thus many of the ideas featured here attempt to adhere to the triple bottom line. Water affects people, of course, so it can't be thought of separately or as simply an environmental concern; hybridity here is in the business model.