Teaching Kids Good Nutrition with Woolly Pocket

 - Jul 3, 2012
References: woollypocket & facebook
Written by Heather Mendenhall

Woolly Pocket is a vertical gardening system made from recycled water bottles. They are breathable and made with built-in moisture control.

These garden systems are designed to be placed vertically on a wall or outdoor railing, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are very consumer-friendly and allow people, who normally couldn’t garden (because they live in the city without a backyard), a way to grow their own vegetable and plants without having to employ traditional gardening methods. Or, a Woolly Pocket can resemble a piece of living wall art that can be admired in the home or the office.

Woolly Pocket also created Woolly School Garden, which is, according to their website, a gardening program designed to give "everything a school needs to create a garden classroom and teach nutrition." Their program is available for school systems with grades K-12 and provides all the tools for each school to join their program by including 50 pockets, organic soil and seeds, compost tea, a planting chart and gardening manual, as well as nutritional and gardening curriculum for teachers. The gardening curriculum is standards-based, which gives teachers the opportunity to teach their students how to grow their own food while adopting healthy eating habits. They offer their entire garden kit for $1000. And, if your school can’t afford the $1000 kit to get started, Woolly School Garden provides a donation’s page for each individual school as well as additional resources on how to apply for grants.

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