- Aug 11, 2011
Hopefully you will think twice before you throw anything away after seeing all of these upcycled fashion features. For those of you who don't know, upcycling is the practice of turning old or used items into new creations. Upcycling is easy to do and only requires you to have a lot of "junk" and a creative mind.

These upcycled fashion features are proof as to just how easy upcycled fashion is to create. The upcycled Chuck Taylor sandals are a prime example of how someone with an idea and a pair of scissors can turn a ratty pair of tennis shoes into a new and unique pair of sandals. If you are on the hunt for hot summer fashions for fall, then skip the store and check out all of these upcycled fashion features instead.

From Upcycled Accessory Frocks to Paprazzo Choker Crafts: