From Chic Chalets to Wild Woodsy Homes

 - Jul 30, 2012
These unconventional lodgings are changing the apr├Ęs-ski scene with their avant-garde aesthetic.

Intricate design in architecture has become a main selling point as of late when it comes to vacationing. The lodges, chalets and retreats featured are all interesting in their adherence to modernistic luxury.

One can recline in minimalistic interior decor at the Chalet Beranger as featured in Modernized Ski Lodges. Some designs are tailored for escapes that are of the most remote nature to enjoy breathtaking natural landscapes. As seen in Idyllic Eco Chalets, special attention is also paid to catering to patrons that are environmentally conscious.

The defining feature of these lodgings is that despite their contemporary design, they remain quaint and comfortable. This loyalty to comfort is quintessential to patrons that long for an lavish escape from the mundane.