Le Nuage Urban Refuge Brings Heaven Down to Earth

The fascination of flying through the clouds in an airplane may have remained with you beyond your childhood years, and now the childhood fantasy of occupying these white puffy palls can be realized through Le Nuage Urban Refuge in Lormont, France.

Together, Zébra3/Buy-sellf and Le Bruit de Frigo created this enchanting abode, which takes a flat front and back facade, contoured with semi-circular sides that embody the appearance of a simplified cumulus cartoon. A cluster of rectangular windows are punched out of the whitewashed surfaces, allowing the warm and bright rays of the sun to penetrate as they would through an authentic altostratus.

The interior of Le Nuage Urban Refuge has been clad in soft pale woods, sanded and smoothed to carve out bunk beds to sleep seven people. The lakeside La Biennale d'Art en Parcs Urbains panOramas installation is temporarily available for overnight bookings.

Photo Credits: J'Aime la Rive Droite