Rifugio From Johannes Jaehrig Provides Climbers an Escape from the Cold

 - Aug 1, 2011
References: cargocollective & designbuzz
Rifugio from Johannes Jaehrig is a ready-made shelter designed for researchers and rescue teams living in high elevations. The shelter is designed to have as little of an impact on the surrounding environment as possible and is powered by rooftop solar panels.

Rifugio sleeps four and is designed to have all of its electrical and heating equipment powered by its rooftop solar panels which can generate up to 1500kw of electricity a day. The shelter can be airlifted in and out and is designed to provide an enhanced level of comfort and safety for those living and working in some of the world's coldest and harshest areas. I could see Rifugio working great for research teams, but I could see it doing its best work for mountaineers who often overnight on the faces of mountains in tents designed to provide the bare minimum of shelter.