Utriai Residence Holds an Impossible Position Lifted Up from the Lawn

 - Jul 14, 2012
References: natkevicius.lt & beautifullife.info
It would be wonderful to behold the Utriai Residence on-site, for the fantastic feat of engineering that it accomplishes would be all the more breathtaking in three dimensions. This single-family home is so unlike any other you would stumble across, striving to exercise acrobatics while affording the comforts of domestic life.

The split priority of this project is spatially represented in the gap between the grass and the base of the floating structure. G. Natkevicius & Partners aimed to make this Lithuanian dwelling so much more than a cozy rural abode. Impressive anchoring in the foundation of the house allows one long end of it to rise up, seemingly unsupported, towards the sky. Even with its ambitious form, the Utriai Residence provides a contemporary practicalities in its modern industrial interiors.