Living Ecological Alpine Pod Provides Comfort without Eco Expense

The majority of those with a passion for discovering Earth's most breathtaking landscapes aim to minimize the environmental impact of their activities based on a compassion for the planet. The Living Ecological Alpine Pod caters to those nature-loving adventurers who wish to see extraordinary sights and require a comfortable bed at night.

Stefano Testa and Luca Gentilcore have designed this prefabricated refuge for installation especially in remote areas of mountains, deserts and in the the far north. Assembled and fitted out completely off-site, this diligently built dwelling is guaranteed to have nearly zero effect on its local ecosystem.

The tubular Living Ecological Alpine Pod (LEAP) can be constructed in any length with the attachment of any number of unit slices. It relies on solar power for energy, employs a biological toilet and houses a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom with cantilevered bunk beds.