From Tweet Fame T-Shirts to Social Media Plushies

 - Mar 2, 2011
These Twitter-inspired products showcase just how enamored the world is with the micro-blogging site. From Tweet fame t-shirts to social media plushies, the status-updating platform has solidified itself within culture. With just 140 characters, the social media website has skyrocketed to become a powerhouse in human interaction. It's incredible to see how the online tool has branched into other markets in this list of Twitter-inspired products.

Fashion, art, and home decoration are all sectors that have Twitter-inspired products. You know that it's a big deal when there's even a market for tombstones that can be integrated with Twitter abilities.

Click through these Twitter-inspired products to see how Twitter is changing more than the online world. If you're a Tweeting fiend, you definitely wont be disappointed.