- Sep 21, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
Garbage is an inevitable fact of modern life, and these terrific trashcans make disposing of that trash even simpler. From musical trashcans to ones that are solar-powered, crushable and eco-friendly, rubbish receptacles needn't be standard gray. There are even stress-busting trashcans that double as punching bags to get out your aggression! See these and more trashcans below.

Implications - No one likes throwing out the trash, but everyone has to do it. Even though the design is simple for most trash cans, the product is so versatile that designers can create an object more appealing to the consumer. Adding elements to make taking out the trash easier or even adding flair to a garbage can make it more attractive to the consumer.

Great Garbage Solutions for Every Taste & Budget: