Disposable Waste Baskets Made of Recycled Paper

 - Jun 2, 2009
References: dezeen & trendhunter
This cool, eco-friendly product, a disposable waste paper basket, was created by designers Riccardo Nannini, Domenico Orefice and Emanuele Pizzolorussilan from recycled paper.

The disposable waste paper basket, obviously inspired by cupcake holders, is a brilliant idea. 50 pleated bags make removing trash easy. Once the first bag is filled, you pull it out and another one is in place and ready for use.

These bags would be perfect for classrooms and offices and especially if recycling containers are available. After all, both the paper and the disposal unit can be recycled versus throwing paper waste into a plastic bag, only to have it clutter up a landfill somewhere.

Now I’ll join the people who will proceed to smack themselves on the forehead while exclaiming, "Such a simple and good idea! Why didn’t I think of that? I could have made millions!"