- Jun 16, 2010   Updated: Jun 24 2011
See-through, clear or translucent, there's no doubt that transparent designs are badass. With the natural curiosity humans have when it comes to objects and how things work on the inside, being able to view the interior of something is always a satisfying pleasure.

Whether it's a glass house or a cassette purse, there's no doubt that these transparent designs are always going to be unique and ultra-creative.

Implications - You may have the sudden urge to pick up a see-through item yourself after browsing through these transparent designs. There are small items such as watches, memory sticks and cell phones as well as big objects such as office buildings and homes. If you aren't in the market for a house, perhaps you should stick with a see-through briefcase.

From Clear Nordic Cribs to See-Through High Heels: