Tuxedos, Vests, Boyfriend Jeans & Manly Haircuts for Women

 - Nov 25, 2009   Updated: Jun 9 2011
Pantsuits, sports-inspired designs and any clothing item you could append “boyfriend” to are among the tomboy fashions making their way into the wardrobes of fast-adopting fashionistas.

This cluster highlights tomboy fashions ranging from Denim Dan looks to panstuits to sports inspired outfits (think football linebackers). The slideshow includes button-downs, dress shirts and boyfriend shirts, watches, jeans and jacketsâ€"even tuxedos for the ultimate Jane Bond look.

Implications - Youth consumers are increasingly skeptical of traditional societal roles for men and women. As a result, women have begun to adopt fashion trends typically seen on men and vice versa. Companies should consider these new gender roles when creating products for youth consumers.