- Jan 26, 2013
Every year, brands gear up for late January/early February to release their Superbowl commercials. Known as the biggest advertising sporting event of the year, companies such as Doritos, E-Trade and Budweiser release standard setting Superbowl commercials with the goal of provoking conversations. Over the years, Superbowl commercials have become almost as important as the game itself with commercial previews finding their way into news coverage of the event. This year, companies have even released teasers for their Superbowl commercials in an effort to create a viral buzz ahead of time.

One of the hallmark of Superbowl commercials is their intrinsically over the top nature. We see this clearly in the Doritos commercial, which instructs people to hunt down a unicorn and milk it if they want to make their own chips. Good luck with that.

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