From Suspended Model Shoots to Subway Nudetography

 - Nov 2, 2011
Urban landscapes can be equally intriguing as natural ones, and proof of that is seen in these subterranean subway shoots. Despite being, in some cases, a dark, intimidating tunnel, this means of transportation has inspired many artist to create stunning images that capture the fast and continuous rhythm of cities and people.

The subway is a place where anonymous city dwellers arrive, leave, get lost, read, sleep and eat, making it an interesting background to shoot everything from stunning models to pop culture icons. This infinite, squeaking metal worm tells stories and hides secrets -- a claustrophobic, yet inspiring place to encounter art. The lights, the silver tonality and endless bars are urban props to enhance images and ideas captured by the camera.

This gallery of subterranean subway photography explores the multiple uses and inspirations found down below skyscrapers and open skies.