Showing a Little Creativity Helps You Get That Dream Social Media Internship

If you are striving to get that social media internship of your dreams, take a look at these rare resumes. From personal portfolio nests to infographic resumes, these efforts will spark creativity to help you differentiate yourself from the crowd. Most job opportunities these days have fierce competition, like cut-throat editorial jobs or advertising positions, but sending in one of these customizable curriculum vitaes will allow applicants to show future employers their ability to surpass others. 

Instead of handing in a bland resume and cover letter using, video resumes will allow for an applicant’s personality to shine. Whether applicants are sending in comedic CV films to an internship opportunity or taking a note from the talented tech-minded marketers such as Matthew Epstein, who took the initiative to get himself hired by Google, these resumes are ahead of the rest.

Recent grads should take note because \being creatively social media savvy will help them find great media positions, whether it is a Toronto job or something in Silicon Valley. Take for example a journalism job, by providing future employers with one of these imaginative biographical data visualizations, applicants will garner the right attention, standing out unlike others who are stuck using the same traditional format.