Matthew Epstein Launches Campaign to Get Hired by Google

Matthew Epstein is the clever young man who is on a mission to get hired by Google. Epstein is a marketer and digital strategist and he wants to take his passion and work with a leading player in the tech sector. Epstein has created a website and a humorous pitch to Google where he asks for a phone call and fifteen minutes of their time.

Matthew Epstein is certainly an intelligent man and if he does not get hired by Google another tech opportunity will certainly present itself as a result of his campaign. What I liked most about this project by Matthew Epstein was something pretty lo-tech but it was done phenomenally: his resume.

Implications - Social media has allowed people to connect and share their ideas in a way that was never before accessible. Increasingly in this space, companies are acting like individuals and individuals like brands. Companies should take this into consideration when creating their social media strategy.