From News Network Resumes to Easy Employment Apps

 - Aug 31, 2013
The recent Google-style bio and CNN-mimicking profile caught much attention as examples of exceptionally creative resumes. As the job market becomes crowded for Millennials, career-driven individuals are doing whatever they can to set themselves apart from the rest -- even if it means pasting their resumes onto chocolate bars or a guitar.

An aspiring marketing executive named Nick Begley put together an edible resume when applying for a position. Begley's application was a chocolate bar with its wrapper telling all about his credentials and work experience. Fitting for a marketing role, the delicious job application exemplified Begley's creativity and branding skills.

Aside from such bizarre creations, we are seeing a lot more resumes convert from paper to the Internet; with public profile services like, a simple URL provides employers with all they need to know. Resume templates are also becoming less traditional with heavier focus on visuals and aesthetics.