Lisa Taylor Sells Herself with the Cover Letter Customizer

Lisa Taylor brings imagination and innovation to the art of applying for jobs, with her Cover Letter Customizer. The clever copywriter created the site to sell herself to potential clients and employers, using a five-step process that builds a cover letter designed to meet the needs and desires of whoever is reading it.

The website asks readers to fill in their name, company and position, contact preference (email, telephone, or other), and even has a "casualness slider" that allows you to choose whether the letter should be formal or casual. In times when job markets can be highly competitive, there are no limits to how far applicants will go to get their resumes and cover letters noticed by potential employers.

The amount of video and infographic resumes created by applicants has increased greatly in just the last year, and this Cover Letter Customizer by Lisa Taylor is another smart way to get noticed by employers. Check out the interactive site, and let it inspire you to make your own creative cover letter.