From Bag Tag Flash Drives to Smart Hi-Tech Tags

 - Jul 19, 2013
People often overlook the importance of luggage labels when travelling, but the right ones will make your wait at baggage claims a whole lot better. From vibrant designer tags to hand-stamped leather labels, these luggage accessories are designed to make your bags distinctly eye-catching. And while some are purely decorative, others will come in handy in other ways. Companies are incorporating sensor technology into tags for optimal convenience when travelling.

British Airways has upgraded from paper tags to electronic ones. These hi-tech tags connect to your smartphone, allowing you to track where your luggage is via your mobile device. This kind of luggage tag would make your wait at baggage claim a lot less confusing or tedious. If you're the type to get a little anxious every time you check in your bags, keep in mind that there are products out there to help your trip go smoothly.