FastJet Airline Branding Animates the Tedious Airport Experience

 - Mar 1, 2013
References: someoneinlondon & thedieline
If you're the sort of person who likes to keep his used boarding passes after taking a trip, you'll be extra tempted to hang onto these bits of FastJet Airline branding. Instead of issuing bland black and white tickets from their check-in desk printers, the African travel company spits out your origin, journey and destination details on a card with endearing images.

The brand mascot for the airline is a grey bird. You'll find him prominently spreading his wing across your pass, pointing out your departure information. The same feathered creature appears on the luggage tags, envelopes and in-flight snack sachets. SomeOne studio's FastJet Airline branding remains consistent on the website, on promotional billboards and painted on the aircraft itself, bringing an animated approachability to stressful international travel.