GetHired Makes Job Candidate Hunting Easy is a website that has streamlined the interview process. Hiring new employees can often be a hassle with the trouble of handling a ton of job postings, resumes and interviews. GetHired says goodbye to paper resumes and introduces a new way of screening applicants.

Employers post a new job posting along with pre-screening questions that can be answered via writing, telephone or video. GetHired then sends out the posting to job seekers everywhere using other career search sites. There is also a page that lets employers keep all of their applicants in one easy place to keep things organized. Once the employer has selected who they want to interview, they can schedule appointments by selecting what time slots they have available. People who are selected for the interviews respond by choosing an interview time. GetHired also has a system for video interviews just in case that is the employer's preference.

GetHired makes the interview process simple and easy by putting all the necessary steps into one place.