Prezi is a Zooming Web-Based Presentation Tool

 - Jun 15, 2011
References: prezi
Have you heard about Prezi? It’s a zooming web-based presentation tool. This new presentation tool is not your traditional Powerpoint presentation with slides. Simply put, Prezi is a big canvas which allows you to insert your content anywhere and in any position -- there is no limit. Using its zebra wheel, it allows users to zoom in and out of text, glide from one piece of information to another, resize and change font style, embed videos, crop images and tilt text.

Personally, I fell in love with Prezi because it allowed me to enhance my topics in a fresh new way. I have used Prezi to present at a conference and to create lesson plans and for course presentations. Its zooming feature allows users to highlight important text, while its tilting text feature adds a fun flare to presentation layouts. Prezi also has a meeting tab at the top tool bar, which allows you to collaborate with peers and colleagues on a project. I find this meeting feature particularly interesting, because all members can meet live online and work on the Prezi presentation together on the same part or independently on separate sections.

Interestingly, although Prezis are typically used mainly for presenting on a certain topic, a new popular trend seems to be rising with regards to using Prezi as a professional online portfolio. Many of my peers seem to be uploading their picture, an "about me" section, resume, brief cover letter and work samples onto a Prezi to create a presentation which reflects their qualifications, aspirations and experiences. Therefore, when applying to a job they would send a private link to their prospective employer for viewing. Prezi is no longer a platform simply used to present on a specific topic, it is evolving into a new platform, which provides another new and hip virtual space for people to display their professional portfolios. It looks like we all better get started on our Prezi portfolios!