From Idea-Led Purpose Companies to Pro-Bono Design

 - Jun 15, 2013
The social entrepreneurship consultants featured here include all-encompassing consultancies to small start-up enterprises that do consulting among a new of other activities.

Here are some examples. Based in Leicester, the TREES Group, which stands for Training, Regeneration, Education, Employment, Sustainability, consults social enterprises. Another interesting example that points to consulting being just one of many income-generating activities that a social enterprise undertakes in order to push along its mission is Apnee Sehat. Apnee Sehat is a social enterprise with the overall goal of promoting healthy food and consulting is one of its ways but other channels include cooking classes, shopping tours, recipe-making, training and other educational resources.

The more that hybrid organizations grow, the more social entrepreneurship consultants there will be, it seems, to support the growth.