mDiagnostica Leverages Mobile Tech for More Efficient Healthcare

 - Dec 5, 2011
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mDiagnostica is a social business that delivers healthcare to rural areas in India via mobile technologies, while maintaining focus on scalability and sustainability. The enterprise's objectives are to decrease the cost of healthcare in these regions, and greatly increase access to doctors and medical supplies.

"A shortage of physicians, combined with the dearth of specialists in rural areas, creates life-threatening inequality and signifcant challenges for delivering healthcare in rural India," the website explains. "mDiagnostica creates enterprise mobile software to improve the affordability and accessibility of medical care in rural areas. Our flagshop product is a platform solution which allows health workers in the field to access remote diagnoses for their patients."

Run on Android, the mDiagnostica service lets rural healthcare workers access and update patient information on the mobile devices such as family history, previous test results, symptom history, and prescribed medications. Health workers can also capture photos to document any visible physical symptoms, and securely upload the entire consultation, even in regions where signal strength is weak.

mDiagnostica is run by a team of four social entrepreneurs, including Nigel Tunnacliffe , a Skoll Scholar and serial entrepreneur, and Tyler Knight , an Oxford business major and Healthcare Management grad. mDiagnostica was recently selected by London-based incubator Village Capital as a social venture to invest in.

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