'Brands for the People' Offers Design Work For Those Doing Good

 - Apr 16, 2012
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Brands for the People is a Vancouver-based creative agency that has carved out a niche in the social good space, offering high end design work for startups that are focused on creating positive change.

The company was founded by Andrea Shillington who worked internationally as a branding consultant prior to launching her own social business.

Coming from the corporate world, she was used to big budgets to hire top designers -- yet she recognized that startups, particularly those striving to do good in the world, deserved the same talent and skill on their online presences.

Stepping up to create a solution to the problem, she launched Brands For the people, which lets "everyone win." As the website explains, startups benefit from following a branding process with a brand strategist, and having the ability to choose from a selection of global designers. Designers benefit because they get to develop creative projects for clients who are doing good, and they have the freedom to live and work from anywhere in the world.

Andrea's definition of startups doing "good" includes those that nurture the planet, that benefit people (by increasing health or happiness) and businesses with sustainable profit models.

The animated video above explains in further detail (and with fun images) how the Brands for the People process works, and how mutually beneficial relationships are fostered as a result.

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