Fresh Horizons Provides Employment And Social Activities

 - Jul 25, 2012
Fresh Horizons is a local "not-for-profit" community in the Deighton, Huddersfield area that provides people with opportunities for sustainable employment fostered through a sense of pride about giving back to their communities.

The not-for-profit provides consulting for skilled but unqualified workers looking to gain employment as well as hosting social events and refurbishing properties to provide affordable housing and security systems for those homes.

They run a local library and the Chestnut Centre and Cafe, which offers facilities management programs and acts a local hangout for the community. They are also involved with the Kirklees Council and have developed a public library and information centre to service the residents of the area.

Partnering their training programs with social activities such as the over 50s club, a theatre program and local carnivals builds connections within the community as well as providing residents with the confidence and skills needed to be successful.

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