From Rotting Undead Slip-Ons to DIY Dog Booties

 - Jun 1, 2012
House shoes are like pajamas for the feet, and these snuggly slippers are a wide collection of various takes on these lesser-seen footwear finds.

Though perhaps not the most fashion-forward piece of footwear, slippers remain an irresistible part of the wardrobe for their warming and often novel designs. Because they are seen so infrequently seen by the general public, house shoes allow designers to really get loose. Often over-the-top and wonderfully warm, quite a few eye-catching slipper designs have been churned out over the years. Slippers are often the accompaniment to equally wildly designed pajamas, and with less need for a coordinated outfit, buyers can be much less picky about their indoor footwear selections.

With some slippers even doubling as mops, it could be said that the potential for slippers is infinite as long as the design is comfy.