The Thurlow Thurmocs Deerskin Slippers Heat Up in Cooler Weather

 - Jan 9, 2012
References: sirjacks & blog.urbanoutfitters
Winter is all about staying cozying up indoors, and these Thurlow Thurmocs Deerskin Slippers will make staying inside that much more enjoyable.

The slippers are handmade in Oregon with American deerskin and perfectly adapt to whatever the weather may be. Due to the slippers special material that "breathes," they become "warmer when it's cold, cooler when it's warm" according to the product's page on Thus, these slip-ons are not seasonal purchases, but a year-long investment.

The Thurlow Thurmocs Deerskin Slippers are a perfect way to stay warm on a chilly day and to also stay cool on a warmer one, making them the ultimate functional pieces to have in your home.