- Dec 13, 2011
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Although camping season has come and gone, these s’more-inspired creations give you your gooey sweet fix with or without the bonfire.

From personal s’more cookers to s’more-inspired cupcakes and cookies, these tasty creations will supply you with the alluring combination of graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow all year long. This timeless flavor profile should evoke more than a few happy childhood memories. The impact of these fire-roasted treats is astounding. Adults and children flock to sample a platter of fresh s'mores. With confections as popular as these, it seems cruel to limit them to one season. If by some fluke you've never experience the sheer bliss of a s'more, the decadent textural contrast of the indulgence is more than enough to make to turn any s’more virgin into a full-blown addict with just one bite.

Sure to inspire a goofy grin on anyone lucky enough to sample, these s’more-inspired creations will have you screaming for s’more!

From Mini Toasted Treats to Campfire Dessert Machiens: