From Emergency Fashion Deliveries to Adventurous Shopping Centers

 - Jun 11, 2014
These thrilling shopping services are the adult equivalent to kids riding a roller coaster for the first time: different, but exciting. Living in a high-tech world has allowed for retailers to incorporate many new and exciting aspects to people's shopping experiences. With online shopping becoming more prominent, in-store retailers are incorporating Internet-infused gadgets into their stores or generally just making the consumer's experience memorable through aesthetics.

Take the new adidas flagship store 'HomeCourt' as an example; it aims to become a completely new dimension in sports retailing through its immersive features, which include a tunnel that greets fans upon entry with sounds of cheering fans to mimic the way elite players feel when they step out onto the court. While on the other hand, 'Story,' a New York-based store, takes a completely different approach to attracting customers by taking on a different theme every month.