LXR & Co.'s Innovation Store Uses the Thirdshelf App to Track Customers

 - Jun 2, 2014
References: lxrco & fashinvest
LXR & Co. recently launched the Innovation Store, which uses the Thirdshelf app to transform customers' shopping experiences. The company claims its store uses the world's most advanced retail technology.

The Innovation Store offers a highly personalized shopping experience. LXR & Co.'s mobile app links shoppers to the store, the store's products and the store's staff. Upon entering the store, the app enables the customers to be recognized by the beacons and iPads in the store. In turn, the recognition allows employees to approach the customers with relative knowledge and suggestions. Based on the customer's app history, the sales clerks will be able to know their purchase history, name and style.

LXR & Co. believes that "mobile technology can truly unlock huge value for retailers" and can "give them the data and tools to enhance customers' in-store experience."