From Cyclist Wine Tours to Outdoor Learning Programs

 - Jun 16, 2015
From cyclist wine tours to outdoor learning excursions, consumers are ditching their devices and looking for fun ways to interact with nature. Whether catered to an adult demographic or younger groups, these educational initiatives and outdoor excursions encourage families to take a break from their tech obsession and opt for some fresh air instead.

When catering to children, standouts include Tinkergarten, an outdoor learning program that builds kids' communication and collaboration skills. In addition to building wooden huts and snowmen, Tinkergarten participants are also able to explore the wilderness and learn about plants and animals along the way. In addition, creative programs like Toe Hold's photography camp give participants a chance to capture nature in their home town and across the globe.

A more mature audience is bound to appreciate this lists adult summer camps -- that encourage child-like outdoor fun -- and its digital detox events that are designed to enhance team building among corporate groups. Other favorites include fitness excursions with an indulgent theme along with wilderness retreats that specialize in silent meditation, healing and therapy.