Hollywood Stunt Camp Helps Kids Learn to Punch and Fall Like a Stuntsman

There are some stunts that kids should never try at home, but going away to sleepaway Hollywood Stunt Camp through Pali Adventures is the perfect place to tackle some dangerous movie-worthy stunts—under supervision, of course.

The Southern California camp for kids teaches kids what goes into becoming an expert Hollywood stuntman and campers will learn things like hand-to-hand combat, flips, parkour, swordplay as well as how to jump off buildings, in addition to a myriad of stunt safety lessons.

Classes run in either one or two week sessions and campers will even get to show off all of the amazing stunts they have learned at the Pali Showcase. Punching, breaking through objects and learning to fall from heights sounds like a parent's worst nightmare, which is exactly what makes the camp so alluring to kids.