Digital Detox Offers Countless Programs for Unplugged Individuals

 - Jun 8, 2015
Digital Detox is a tech-free initiative that is known for its unplugged events and enlightening nature retreats. With a motto like "hurry up and slow down," Digital Detox invites today's busy generation to disconnect their devices in order to reconnect with their inner selves.

In addition to its nature retreats and camping expeditions, the initiative also offers other programs that let visitors decompress and connect with nature. These include art, writing, mindfulness and reflection seminars along with workshops on conscious and healthy eating along with those that teach meditation and yoga practices.

Having over 1000 members and over 15 events to date, Digital Detox encourages busy professionals to ditch their devices in exchange for some relaxation and self-reflection -- something few of us have time for when connected to our phones and computers.