20 Innovations In Shaving

 - Apr 3, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
Shaving is our culture’s self-imposed hygiene standard, and there’s a huge business in goodies that promise to trim hair from our bodies better than the standard razor.

We’ve featured a number of innovations in shaving below. There are sweet eco gadgets, razors made with fossils, super-luxe $30,000 razors, and six-bladed circular razors.

Implications - Shaving used to be a form of hygiene and self-grooming attributed only to a small subset of the population. But with the rising popularity of androgynous looks and "manscaping" -- not to mention "ladyscaping" -- shaving as a beauty regimen is growing in popularity, presenting emerging opportunities for current hygiene brands as well as those looking to enter the industry.