The Mastodon Razor

If this limited-edition Mastodon straight razor from Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons that features a handle made of 10,000-year-old fossilized Siberian wooly mammoth ivory isn’t considered pure luxury, I give up.

Only 50 of these handcrafted Mastodon straight razors will be made. They feature a sterling silver lining and rivets, as well as a carved quartz Stanhope magnifying lens on the handle. Peek inside the magnifying lens to get a glimpse at a microscopic piece of vintage erotica. If vintage erotica isn’t your thing, Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons can substitute an image of your choice.

The Mastodon razor features vintage and deadstock blades, and handles can also be engraved with a scrimshaw monogram. Each razor is handmade at the Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons shop in New York. Prices begin at $2,200.