- Sep 28, 2014
Decadent and high end food items are prevalent among this collection of the top September 2014 luxury ideas. From fashion designers to iconic champagne brands, names from various industries are promoting their exclusiveness with the help of indulgent flavors.

The Hermes, Fendi and Joyce-branded mini cakes, which were baked for the annual Moon Festival, are as adorable as they are decadent. The champagne ice pops, made with 37% of the bubbly beverage, are the perfect indulgence for waiving goodbye to summer.

For the foodie with money to spare, the $100 egg rolls with caviar and the $100 hot dogs with kobe beef, lobster and truffle oil and secret sauce are the perfect dish to please an elitist palate.

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From Designer Festival Cakes to Prized Luxury Coffee: