The DeepFlight Dragon Submersible is Incredible Easy to Pilot

 - Aug 28, 2014
References: deepflight & gizmag
The DeepFlight Dragon is an incredibly futuristic personal submarine that is unbelievable easy to pilot, positioning it to open up a whole new niche in the luxury tourism and rental market. It will be launched by pioneering underwater aviation company DeepFlight at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show.

The DeepFlight Dragon will be the most compact, lightweight personal submarine on the market. It is designed to be so intuitive that users can pilot it with little instruction.

It has a number of stand-out features including positive buoyancy, which allows it to rise to the surface if it loses power or is switched off, rather than sink to the bottom.

The submarine will cost $1.5 million and will come equipped with all the additional gear required for running the craft.