- Oct 4, 2009   Updated: May 2 2011
These sculptural speakers blend together the needs of serious multimedia consumers and style-conscious ones who don't want their stereo setup to consist of clunky black boxes. These bad boys blast audio like nobody's businessâ€"and look good while doing so. From flower-shaped speakers to ones that recall vintage phonographs, there's no shortage of aesthetically-pleasing sculptural speakers in this slideshow.

Implications - With music becoming prevalent in people's lives due to its accessibility, consumers are looking for ways to amplify their collection of downloaded music. Since the rise of iPods, companies have been producing cutting-edge speakers that are suited for MP3s and reflects the current state of technology. When it comes to the success of these items, businesses must incorporate style without sacrificing functionality.

From Creepy Eye Tweeters to Massive Multimedia Installations: