Fiona Thomson Lights and Speakers

 - Sep 10, 2008
References: fionajeanthomson & coolhunting
Fiona Thomson Lights and Speakers bring 19th Century ornamental objects to life with modern innovations. 

Thomson turned one of the most iconic busts in history, the Beethoven Bust, into an MP3 speaker dock and station which she calls, Ode to Beethoven.  When this product becomes available, you can "have your cake and eat it too", by having classic decor intertwined with modern technology.

Candelabra’s always trigger, within me anyway, memories of creepy movie classics where they are sitting atop of a piano while haunting music is being played.  I’d love to have one for the "haunting effect." Thomson created a portable Cordless Candelabra, a 19th Century decorative staple that again serves as both classic decor and can be put to use—when it becomes available.

Finally, reminiscent of the days when rich people displayed animal statues outside of their homes, Thomson uses a lampshade in place of a dog’s head.  When you touch the lampshade, it nods—like a dog enjoying a nice pat.  Unlike her other two creations, "Sit", is available for purchase. 

Fiona Thomson has a lot more work displayed on her website, so be sure to check it out.