Elac Art-Edition FS 247 Speakers Channel Art of Piet Mondrian

 - Sep 7, 2009
References: elac & bornrich.org
Elac, the German audio manufacturer, has launched its Art-Edition loudspeakers at IFA.

Simple black speakers don’t seem to satisfy sophisticated tastes any more. Making interior design decisions has become more difficult as many people see it necessary for each detail to fit the overall designer concept.

The Elac Art-Edition speakers are designed to be part of the interior design and to fully represent a homeowner’s tastes, hence the many variations available. They vary between tone-in-tone solutions and high-contrast ones;  different tattoos and different surface colours can also be chosen.

The brightest part of the collection is a limited edition of the model FS 247 in the "De Stijl dress" which is inspired by the Neo-Plasticism design made famous by painter Piet Mondrian ELAC.