- Oct 31, 2011
Often, fashion embraces sharp edges and architectural, origami-like shapes, and these are translated into geometric accessories and apparel. These edgy pieces give fashionistas a way to add a sculptural touch to their ensembles, whether it's an origami pair of paper earrings or a sleek watch with faceted sides.

While fashions do come and go, geometry seems to be a prevailing element that enters and stays from fashion season to season. Perhaps it is the way that sharp edges echo a more modernistic flair or that architecture-inspired pieces provide a way to wear an interesting piece of art. Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that geometric accessories like these will be around from this season to the next. If you're looking for the next geometry-inspired accessory, take a look through this list for some inspiration.

From Gigantic Geometric Clutches to Sculpturally Unique Jewelry: