- Jan 29, 2010   Updated: Mar 23 2011
Holy corkskrewing screwdrivers, Batman! This cluster on screwy innovations is downright: screwy. Sorry. That was jut terrible.

Anyway, from transformer tools to screwed lighting, check out the 25 screwy selections which will have you thinking about screwing in a whole new light.

This is bad: please, just click the pretty pictures.

Implications - Pieces that incorporate screws are an example of hybrid designs that use misplaced elements as a way to add artistic value and interest. Marrying two mismatched concepts creates fascinating pieces of work that will surely capture an audience's attention. Peculiar pairings can be seen throughout various industries and are a sure-fire way to update any product, service, company image or even art form.

From Transformer Tools to Corkscrews Instead of Crosses: