Screw Real Pets, Flat Pets Get All the Glory of Adventurous Life

Let’s face it: three dimensional pets are overrated. They poop, they whine, they need attention and frankly, sometimes they smell. To solve the problem, Garudio Studiage has created the Flat Pets World Tour - pets that are just as adventurous as you and need absolutely no care. Awesome.

Garudio Studiage’s site states that "Flat Pets don’t normally like going outside, but these four are different. They will set off this June on a journey around the outside world. They will each go to the home of a friend of Garudio Studiage and then continue their travels with some of their friends."

I checked out the site's pictures, and frankly, I’m a little jealous of these little critters' travels. The little kitten looks so smitten by the fact that he has laid eyes on amazingly documented scenes in his cross-continent travels.